Testimonials from some of our wonderful clients, who can’t speak highly enough of the service they receive at London’s Best Neuro Physio Centre

My wife Danielle suffered a brain haemorrhage and subsequent neurosurgical intervention left her with severe cognitive impairment. We have been going to Birkdale for the last three years now. All the latest equipment required to stabilise and improve her condition are there. However, the most important and effective tool in the rehabilitation process are Farshideh and Agnieszka, who are truly wonderful in the way they are engage and work with her. They are able to make a very personnel connection with Danielle which is crucial in getting her to participate in the various exercises. Farshideh and Agnieszka are highly competent professionals but their genuinely warm and caring personalities make all the difference, not only to the patients but also to their families.
The voice at the telephone and the one who greets you at reception is Izzy. Forever polite, pleasant and very helpful. Always a pleasure to deal with her.


Amasing… That is the word. Amazing place, staff and treatment. So kind, so professional. Thank you on behalf of my daughter for bringing back her smile after suffering from Bell’s Palsy.


Farshideh, a huge thank you for your amazing work and support for William. He has done so many things we didn’t think he could this year and so much of that is down to you – you are also an amazing, positive support for me. It’s been such a pleasure and we look forward to what 2018 brings for William.

Emily S

Firstly WOW! You are truly amazing I still cannot believe how my assessment went and I will certainly be letting Lew Gray know that this is a life changing event. I have dealt with quacks who can’t be bothered even when supplied with literature to see what is available for TM. 8 years of nothing, then 2 hours that have changed the way I am approaching this condition and being proactive with advice given. My daughter Alice, was so amazed and happy for me and we talked all the way home how amazing the set up and assessment was.
My son Tom usually doesn’t like to hear after anything medical as he is frustrated no one was doing anything. He listened to me and is so thankful for your input. As for me, as well as the physical assessment you gave great advice to forget what has happened in the past and look forward to improving and developing coping mechanisms. That is my focus daily now. As for the past I believe in Karma, and can now let it go. I am looking forward to a long productive association with Birkdale. Look forward to next appointment but just had to let you know the massive effect you have had on me and my family. Thank you


I enjoy going to Birkdale Neuro Rehab Centre because it helps me in all sorts of ways.  My favourite room is the gross machine room, where I can focus on stamina, balance, stimulation and eye co-ordination.  While doing FES, I can place balls into a long cardboard tube (I like this because I can pour them all out again at the end!).  However, my favourite games are the IQ Puzzles, because it’s addictive and challenging, but quite annoying when we realise we’ve been doing it wrong and have to start all over again from the beginning!”


I have had MS for 17 years  and have been seeing Farshideh for 10 years now. I am convinced she is one of the main reasons I am still walking and working. The best advice I would give someone newly diagnosed with MS, would be to immediately begin regular visits to a Neuro Physio to stay on the right track. Farshideh is a gifted physio who combines her theoretical knowledge, keen observation and empirical focus to make a real difference.

Sam Bass – Investment Banker

I have been going to the Birkdale clinic for nearly 3 years after being diagnosed with TM/MS. The service that they provide is without a doubt the best I have found and is worth every penny!!
The exercises that I am given to do at home have improved my balance, my sensation and helped to reduce the pain. Being able to see an improvement in my physical ability has really helped me in accepting my conditional and has given me the confidence to know that I can manage it in the future. It is so reassuring when my symptoms are bad to have someone to discuss them with and to be able to work out the reason for them worsening. Birkdale offer long-term rehabilitation which is not readily available on the NHS but is vitally important to aid recovery, I know they genuinely want to help me for as long as possible!
I would be lost without the help and support that the staff at The Birkdale clinic provide. I dread to think how much worse off I would be if I had never found them! I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a neurological condition!

Jane M – Finance Manager

I have been coming to Birkdale Neuro Rehab Centre for the last few months.  I want to get better and improve my movements after my stroke.  I learn a lot about how to move correctly and plan my movements in the most effective manner.

Farshideh and Agnieszka are most helpful and professional.  The encourage me to be patient and help me to regain more confident with my walks.  As I become more confident my balance has improved.  I am happy with my movements and beginning to know what to do and want to learn more to make me get better


I Have progressive MS and have been under the care of a number of neuro physiotherapists in the past 20+ years. Farshideh’s style of practise which is very patient focused: unique directed rehabilitation, has helped me immensely to stabilise my progressive mobility issues. The team are extremely warm kind and very caring. As a patient my expectations have been far exceeded. I consider myself very lucky to have found Birkdale, wish I had found you before I did!


We were introduced to the Birkdale Neuro Rehab family by our optometrist who suggested that my son will benefit hugely from their input. He wasn’t wrong. My son had suffered major neurological disfunction from brain injury he suffered following a heart attack last year and we needed something more than just physio therapy, something very targeted to the brain, the pathways and how the systems all work together. It’s been a great eye opener, there is a reason for every exercise because they know exactly what they are doing. Sessions are done in a nice, friendly environment and everyone is ever ready to help and offer advice. My little boy enjoys his sessions and though sometimes not fun, he can see the improvement he is making already in such a short time and that encourages him to do more. We are very pleased so far and can’t wait to see the improvement our child is bound to continue making over the coming months. It gives us something to hope for and look forward to. Thank you to all at Birkdale.

Bob Leach

I was fortunate enough to be introduced by my brother in law to Birkdale Neuro Physio Rehab Centre last year and I couldn’t have asked for a more valuable introduction to such a beautiful centre. Not only is the centre practical and accessible it is homely and warm. It is made to make you feel well and secure, something so important when you are not feeling your best. However the most important part of this centre is all those who work there.

I am being treated by a group of specialists who are so caring and knowledgeable. Farshideh has been my physiotherapist and I cannot praise her enough. She has been so dedicated to find the best options for me and gives me time whenever I need it. Not only does she treat me as a patient but she advises me as a friend and for that I am very grateful. It’s not often I say I am looking forward to a medical appointment but I do when it comes to coming here. It’s all smiles and positive energy!

I strongly encourage those in need of Neuro Physio to come here and see for yourself how beneficial this centre is. I can guarantee you will be pleased!

To everyone at Birkdale keep up the amazing work and thank you for all you do to help those with neurological conditions.


Our 7 year old son was diagnosed at 6 month after an MRI scan with hemiplegic cerebral palsy affecting the left side of his body. He has been seeing Farshideh since July 2013 after she was recommended by the company who supply Alex with his AFO and lycra support suits.

To say that she has been a revelation to us would be an understatement.

There aren’t the words to explain how far on she has brought Alex’s physical progress. What may seem like insignificant steps forward to others are a great leap for Alex. Having been told that it would be unlikely he would ever have the dexterity to pick up an object with his left hand, he now has a strong pincer grip and enough control over his left side to be able to dress himself independently. His general co-ordination and core strength are greatly improved which means that he can fully access all physical aspects of life at his mainstream school. On top of that, Alex loves Farshideh, they have a really lovely bond which helps her get the most out of their weekly sessions and means that Alex actually looks forward to seeing her!

Carolyn Whyte

Farshideh and her Team at Birkdale are warm and welcoming: they create a secure and comfortable oasis where patients can relax and feel supported and valued. Creating the right atmosphere as well as the right environment are key factors in their success: patients are able to respond quickly and effectively so they can optimise their clinical progress.

The team work well with children of all ages; our experience bears this out and we feel that our child’s progress has been significant and sustained under Farshideh’s guidance. The techniques used – and there are an ever increasing and effective variety – constantly updated, yet in line with proven research and supported by clinical studies – ensure that the child is motivated and receptive: the time flies! The child feels they are ‘playing’ and doesn’t want to leave!

This approach is consistently effective and borne out by the relationships which Farshideh develops with, ‘her children’ as she supports them in their clinical progression. She is a valued and valuable therapist and ensures that those who work for her are in tune with her methods, philosophy and specialist knowledge.

We would recommend the Birkdale Paediatric and Adult Neuro Clinic to anyone who is seeking a successful outcome from a programme of Neurological Physiotherapy: our experience informs us that they will benefit from the supportive, flexible and personalised treatment offered, optimise their clinical progress and further to this, they will undoubtedly be in the safest of hands!

Mother of a Patient

I started last year with Farshideh & Tia and I am still going on a regular basis. They are fantastic and have helped me enormously. They really understand TM.

Helen Michael

I wanted to share something that I was privileged to witness at Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation this week. My beautiful friend had a severe hemorrhagic stroke 3 years, 1 month and 11 days ago. In an instant her life was transformed from that of a young, international career woman with a passion for adventure and travel to losing her ability to walk or speak. She lost most of the function/sensation in the right side of her body and she was told that she would improve but that any function that she did not regain after 1 year of rehabilitation would be lost to her forever.

I was by her side often and she fought hard but improvement was slow. She learned to speak again and she learned to walk with difficulty and not unaided. She did not regain any movement in her right arm, barring the ability to partially shrug that shoulder. That is practically all that she “got back” from total paralysis of her right side after one year of rehabilitation.

Last year she found Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation in Alperton and this week I watched her lift items with her right arm. She still needs muscle stimulus and guidance (there is little control), but her tricep is kicking in after 3 years and she can move her elbow by itself. Although the movements are small they are *something* when she was told to expect nothing more. I cannot thank you enough for the change I have seen in my friend and for the warm, welcoming, young, fun and upbeat environment you have created.

Cisca Vennard

Farshideh is a very highly skilled neuro-physiotherapist: she developed a physio programme for my son who has Transverse Myelitis (a spinal injury) which gave him the basic building blocks to get back onto his feet. She is patient, attentive and innovative in her approach. 

Carmel Priestley

Three years ago, at the age of 34, I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, which left me paralysed on the right side. I was told by my doctors that any function I did not regain in the first year would be lost forever and, as I reached the one and then two year marks with minimal improvement, I was left without hope that my diminished quality of life would change.

I thought initially that continuing physio therapy was just to stop me regressing further, but I have found that is not the case with the therapy I’m receiving here at Birkdale. I have seen some small improvements and feeling and movement returning to my right side. Yes, it is very gradual because of the severity of my stroke, but this is more than I or anyone else expected.

I am so thankful that I found Birkdale Clinic, and therapy with Farshideh and Tia. The team are so friendly, welcoming and committed, and I enjoy coming here. From day one I have felt comfortable and at ease with their way of working, as a result I’ve been having therapy with them twice a week since.

I am hopeful for more improvements to come with the help of Farshideh and Tia. Thank you!

Binal Patel

I’ve been having physiotherapy at the centre due to Bell’s Palsy and I was impressed with everything from the moment I first contacted to the last session. The staff are very friendly, helpful, extremely thoughtful and attentive to my needs. I was also constantly assured they’d do all they could to help me towards full recovery!!! The facilities are also amazing.. highly recommended!! Many thanks

Nando Provin

Hi All, I’ve just had my first Neuro Physio session via the TM Society Bursary Scheme, and wanted to let the group know that it was brilliant. It’s the first time since my diagnosis, last October, that I’ve felt completely understood by someone with a medical perspective.

Farshideh and Tia at the Birkdale Clinic in West London spent two hours assessing my walking, core strength, balance, weight placement and weaknesses. All the time encouraging me and explaining what they were looking for as I moved. They even attached a neuro stimulator to my bad leg, which made the muscles contract at the right time, so that my foot lifted and my leg moved normally. It was a total revelation, I was standing up straight, my legs were moving like they used to and I felt that I could have gone running.

I’ve came away with a greater awareness of how I’m compensating for the weakness in my lower body and lots of helpful suggestions to improve my strength and balance in everything I do.

For my second session they are preparing a report based on their assessment, together with a breakdown of targeted exercises that they want me to do going forward.

If you are a member of the TM Society (free to join) I totally recommend you look into the Bursary Scheme, even this one session has made the light at the end of the tunnel, just that little bit brighter today. Keep smiling

Pauline Stone

Love this place!!! I would stay here as long as I can… it is so therapeutic. Both the location and the interior are beautiful. Family atmosphere.

Rasa Bentyte

Farshideh has been treating our son,who has cerebral palsy, for over a year and she has achieved some amazing results with him.  I love the fact that she works on multiple levels with our son (muscle strengthening, head control, eye tracking, etc…) and uses a mixture of traditional physiotherapy techniques with more innovative ones that nobody else uses.  I also love the fact that Farshideh has a very positive attitude and always believes that “something can be done”.  I think she is one of a kind and would definitely recommend her to anyone.