Succsessful Masterclass on FES

A Physiotherapists in-sight into Transverse Myelitis
28th April 2016
Transverse Myelitis Family Weekend – Calvert Trust
23rd July 2016

Succsessful Masterclass on FES

FES Masterclass

Huge amount of work goes in to organising a master class.  At some point late last year, we decided that it would be a very good idea to create a two day training around the benefits of FES and why and how it enhances recovery in central nervous system.

The next step was inviting speakers and of course who better than Prof Daniel Becker and Dr Paul Barreras Cortes from John Hopkins University and our friends at Ottobock: Dr Salim Ghoussayni and Ms Lynn Vale.  Stuart Dunn and Matt White from Cyclone Mobility and Glyn Blakey from Saebo also joined to support this wonderful event.

Learning about this subject is useful to physiotherapists and occupational therapist.  Apart from the two mentioned groups we also had interest from orthotists and parents of patients who use FES.

All speakers were very informative and engaging.  Our patients got involved in our practical sessions.  The atmosphere was wonderful and participants enjoyed fabulous cakes and biscuits with their refreshments at short tea breaks.

The response was fantastic.  A few wanted to come and shadow Farshideh Bondarenko, the lead physiotherapist and the director of Birkdale Neuro Rehab Centre.  Others expressed an interest in Farshideh running other related training courses.  Others still wanted to know about the variety of cushions and peanut balls etc and how she uses them in her therapy sessions.  It was an exciting event, plenty of learning took place in a wonderful and inclusive atmosphere.

As a consequence of feedbacks and comments, we are organising a solely practical day sometimes in September 2016.  The details will be announced at some point soon.  By the way the food, from a Lebanese restaurant in Ealing Common got the best feedback ever.  Not a speck of food was left, all plates completely cleaned up.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation.  It was pleasure to get to know you.


Feedback from the FES Masterclass

  • The course was organised extremely well, all speakers were very very good, extremely knowledgeable and well presented. A very friendly atmosphere and fab food. Carol
  • Overall a very good experience and learning event. Shiva
  • Excellent organisation, great venue, good participants allowing discussion. Michelle
  • Absolutely excellent weekend, I just needed to know more prior attending. Food was fantastic. Great networking opportunity. Jennifer
  • What a fantastic weekend. What a beautiful practice.  You are all a warm and welcoming and friendly team. Lots to take away and use. Big thank you. Kirsten
  • Very well organised. Very welcoming atmosphere. Excellent for learning. Wendy
  • Homely atmosphere, great, what helped to communicate and discuss problems freely. Kinga
  • Thank you so much for organising, one of the most informative and clinically relevant courses I have attended lately. Tom

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