Parkinson Disease: What can help?

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1st March 2016
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28th April 2016

Parkinson Disease: What can help?

Although there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease it is important for people affected by the condition to understand that there is much that can be done to proactively manage the condition so that complications can be managed and quality of life can be optimised. The American Academy of Neurology was quoted by the European Parkinson’s disease guidelines (2015) to recommend at least an annual check-up with a specialist neuro-physiotherapist. Therefore it is strongly advised that anyone with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease seeks neuro physiotherapy soon after their diagnosis and at regular intervals throughout their lives. The exact intensity and duration of treatment will depend on your individual circumstances, needs and goals.

The neuro-physiotherapists at Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation Centre are highly skilled and can offer you specialist assessment, research-based treatment and tailored advice at any stage of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease can affect people in different ways and this can have varying effects on their lifestyle. Central to long term conditions such as Parkinson’s disease being well managed by individuals is the self-management on a daily basis and our team can help you feel in control of this.

After diagnosis there may or may not be any restrictions or difficulties in your daily living but it is important for you to understand how your mind and body can be trained to maximise your independence and manage the condition in the best way. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge and awareness to be able to make informed decisions about how you want to manage the condition- knowledge is power!

People often attend our centre with specific issues such as falls, balance difficulties, walking difficulties such as freezing, difficulty turning in bed and pain. A detailed and thorough assessment will result in your neuro-physiotherapists providing you with an explanation as to the cause of the issue and options for treatment. Treatment at Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation Centre has evolved over the past 27 years as research on the brain and body has progressed and we pride ourselves in providing ‘brain and body training’ to optimise the issues our clients come to us with in a targeted way.

Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation Centre also work closely in collaboration with other healthcare professional with Parkinson’s disease expertise such as Neurologists, Occupational therapists and Speech and Language therapists to ensure you receive well rounded care.

If you or anyone you care about is affected by Parkinson’s disease please call us to discuss how we can help.

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