National Brain Injury Awareness Month

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25th February 2016
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National Brain Injury Awareness Month

Raising awareness of the challenges Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have on living

Those affected by TBI can suffer from a wide range of symptoms and difficulties in daily living. These issues can impact on the physical, emotional, cognitive (thinking) and psychological parts of the individual, their families and carers. Symptoms can last for days, months or even years.

At Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation Centre we have helped clients months, years and even decades after their initial injury to feel positive and proactive about how they move and interact in their world. Our specialist team of neuro-physiotherapists have over 40 years combined experience in neurological rehabilitation. Through our interventions we have helped our clients improve physical abilities involving walking, balance and use of their arms. We have also helped our clients improve their visual perception and eye movements which can often be affected after TBI.

Our aim is to help people affected by TBI to feel positive and in control about their rehabilitation and physical management plan. We do this by ensuring we listen to the needs of the individual and their families in order to direct our assessments and treatments.

The team at Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation Centre accomplish this by seeking out and implementing the latest developments in neuro-science and rehabilitation to ensure the highest level of care. We understand that physical challenges can be intertwined with emotion, cognitive and psychological issues which is why we use a ‘systems approach’. This means taking into consideration all the unique parts that make up an individual, as well as, the environment and the people around them when implementing treatment.

Whether you or someone you know is affected by TBI just pick up the phone and call us at Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation Centre to see how we could help you.

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