Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

Neurostimulation Technology for Rehabilitation

The Birkdale Clinic team works closely with Otto Bock Healthcare as a clinical partner. This offers access to some of the latest technologies in electrotherapy and electrical stimulation:

STIWELL med4 Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) supports rehabilitation for the recovery of motor skills after damage to the central nervous system, for example following a stroke.

With four stimulation channels, the STIWELL med4 facilitates the training of complex movement patterns. Two measurement channels also permit the application of biofeedback therapy, which actively involves the patient in the treatment process. The application of biofeedback functions enhances therapeutic success, helping to restore lost mobility and independence more quickly. It is based on the ability of the human brain to duplicate structures from damaged areas in other areas of the brain that were not damaged. A direct link between technical movement stimulation and the conscious intent to move, which is recorded as the myoelectric muscle potential of the muscle being trained, is crucial for targeted training. The patient receives visual or audible feedback. The use of the STIWELL med4 is intuitive for the patient and only requires simple therapeutic instruction for home application.

Company information

Otto Bock is a world leading supplier of high quality, innovative and practical solutions that restore human mobility and help people to rediscover personal independence. Otto Bock Healthcare is part of the Otto Bock global group of companies established in the UK in 1976. Its wide product range includes high quality prosthetic and orthotic components, wheelchairs, rehabilitation and mobility products available through the country’s leading clinics and dealers. With a highly motivated and skilled team of professionals offering expert advice, product sales, service and support, Otto Bock solutions enhance the physical comfort, confidence and mobility of the individual. Otto Bock aims to achieve the best possible outcome for its customers, combining the latest technology with cutting-edge products and services.