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27th July 2017

Understanding how the brain deciphers words – A Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation Clinic Explanatory Guide to fMRI research

Introduction At the Birkdale Neuro Physio, we understand that not everyone has an academic grasp of neurological developments, therapies and approaches. This explanatory guide can assist […]
30th November 2016
Balance and Sensory Input Child

Lee’s Story a child with Cerebral Palsy and more

Lee’s parents contacted us at Birkdale Neuro Rehab Centre about their 15 month old baby boy, Lee.  They reported that Lee ignored his left arm and […]
14th November 2016
Child Balance

Having fun at the physio treatment is essential for children’s learning

As a paediatric neuro physio in London I have always enjoyed working with children.  Physio treatment for children should be fun and engaging.  I also thoroughly […]
13th October 2016

The Role of Eye Movements in Stroke Patient

I have been studying the effect of eye movements in neurological patient groups since year 2000.  I was very excited to read Andoret van Wyk’s article.  […]