Case Studies

Respecting the privacy of our clients, we do not disclose details by case but are able to offer the following insights on assessment, therapy and outcome in the following areas in which we have considerable expertise, please follow the links for more information.

We hope you find something here that is of relevance to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone with any questions or to discuss how we may be able to best support you.

Children with Cerebral Palsy

During her career, Farshideh has treated many children with cerebral palsy (CP). CP is the most common neurological disorder found in children.


A Simple Air Cushion

Sitting on an air cushion and playing with toys will reveal significant, yet unspoken, information about a childs’ condition to a therapist.


TM In Children

Due to my connections with the TM society, I have, with some success, treated a number of TM diagnosed children and I would make the following observations for you to consider.


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